Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011!

Our Cute trick or treaters!

Sam-- as an angel!

Kenz- as a gypsy!

Whit-- as a Hula Dancer (thanks G-ma Diann) and we clipped my hair extentions in her hair! she was very excited about that.

We made Dallas be Yoda

Which he was not Happy about.... NO one likes that costume. Ha.

Scott's Boise State Bronco that he freehand carved in a pumpkin! AWESOME!

April-Oct. 2011 Watching Layla

I have had the rare and wonderful privilage of Babysitting my little niece for the past 7 months, because her mommy had to back to work a few months after she was born and her daddy (my brother) has been running an internet business from home.  I have gotten to watch her 2 or 3 days a week depending on the time of year.  She is a spunky fun little girl!  Her mommy just got to quit her job to stay home with her!! So we will miss having her here.  Dallas loves her so much and when she was first born he couldn't hug and kiss her enough... but now that she can crawl... he is a little threatened by her.  He will say, "Layla NOOO!" or "Layla OUT!" and he tries to sit on her.  But he is really sweet to say "Rorry!" to her and softly rub her cheek.  They are only a yr apart almost to the day... Feb. 9th and Feb 11th!  They will be the best of friends.  Whitney also adores Layla and plays and loves on her like a litle doll.  It is soooo sweet.  We will definitely miss little Layla, but we are so happy that her mommy gets to stay home with her now! :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

September 2011-- 80's Day at School!

Appreciate the bangs!!!!

Seriously used to wear my bangs just like that in 4th and 5th grade!  Love it!

September 21 2011- Sam's 10th Birthday! Welcome to Hogwarts...

Spookey Dinner at Hogwarts! Lizzard Lasagna, Bone-powder bread, Salamander salad, Aunt Petunia Pudding!

A Toast of Butterbeer!  --Which we made with Ice-cream, rootbeer, and butterscotch!

Everyone is Harry Potter!-- We got them all Harry glasses and gave them lightening bolts on their foreheads.

Time for gifts!

We Made wands and then played Quidditch!

ON to Potions Class!

Hope you pass the test!

And Finally, watch Harry Potter!  

Harry Potter in Training!
Sign We made for the door!

This Year Sam wanted a Harry Potter Party! I did my best to make it Fun for her and her friends and as Harry Potter as I could!  She loved it! :)

SepTember --- McKenzie's Baptism!!!

Isn't she beautiful?

Glad Daddy is there.

Proud of you sweetheart.

Her pretty white dress.

Thanks Dad.
We are so proud of Kenz for making the decision to get baptized.  We love her so much.  She is so sweet and loving and thoughtful.  We are happy the she is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS!  We hope it brings her lots of joy in this life and in the life to come.

August- 2011 Dallas's BIG BOY hair cut

This is Bubba with his first big boy hair cut!  We (Scott and I) used the clippers on the side and I scissor cut the top! I just think he looks so handsome and grown-up.  Love you sweet little guy.

August-- First Day of School-- 2011

They look a little Nervous

Whitney Starting Kindergarten!

Kenzie Starting 2nd grade

Samantha Starting 4th grade

Sisterly Love